National Cristina Foundation

Cristina Foundation
NCF started as a small operation - with one Apple IIe computer! In 1983, Cristina McMahan, a young girl with cerebral palsy, was part of a special education class in the Yonkers Public Schools in Westchester County, NY. Her peers included children with a range of disabilities: spina bifida, loss of limbs, and learning disabilities. Many of the children needed adults to act as scribes for them when they wanted to write or draw.

C0-founded by David Bruce McMahan and Yvette Marrin, The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) supplies computer technology and training to people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantaged persons. It provides them the opportunities to lead more independent and productive lives.

The first formal NCF projects were their collaboration with the Maryland State Dept. of Education in 1986. McMahan jump-started the process by donating 2500 personal computers to the State of Maryland. After this initial effort NCF developed a Re-use Systems Model, which is basic to the NCF donation program: .

In 1996 NCF celebrated its tenth anniversary with an award ceremony to recognize two super achievers with disabilities: (Oscar Winner for his portrayal of a disabled vet in The Best Years of Our Lives ) and one of the creators of the Internet, for their contributions to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Today, NCF has outgrown the 'national' in its name: not only is NCF involved in programs in all 50 states, it is now an international operation .